Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you are going to be a carnivore...

It's best to make as much use of the animal as possible

Eating the whole hog | Marketplace From American Public Media:

"Boutique butchers are booming as chefs and home cooks look to eat all the parts of the animal -- from nose to tail."

"McCall's is one of a growing number of gourmet butchers opening around the country. The chop from Fat the pig will cost $18 a pound -- about three times as much as grocery store pork. McCall says his customers want, first and foremost, good food. It's hard to ever call meat really good for the environment -- it takes far more resources to grow animals than plants. But some customers come in thinking about sustainability. And there's a sense among dedicated meat eaters -- if you're going to eat meat, the most ethical way to do it is to eat all of the animal."

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