Friday, March 25, 2011

The cat's out of the bag

We've been saying this for some time.
We support CSA's, Farm Markets, but to really get this working, we need to do some serious business - get to more customers, where most of them shop.


Forget farmers markets—I want to sell my pastured meat at Price Chopper | Grist:

"It is time to make local passe. It is time to make regional the new local. Enough of farmers markets, CSAs, and direct on-farm sales. Yes, they are exciting -- they feel like they are getting us somewhere. And, to be honest and give them their due, they have gotten us somewhere. The reality, however, is that they will never get us there, whither goest we must if we want to make a change -- real change. I will say it as straight as I can: I want to see my pork in Price Chopper (a supermarket).

Can this be done with integrity? Yes, yes it can. But, you'll need to have faith and let me, the friendly face you like to see at the farmer's market, recede into the background again, let me fall out of the limelight into the limeless light of the sun shining brightly on me and the critters living lovely on the fields."

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