Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Sponsorships

We are going to be proud sponsors of a couple of upcoming foodie events.

Next Tuesday is Taste the Local Difference: Select Northwest Michigan annual summer event

Cherry Capital Foods is going to help try to boost the membership base.
We are pledging to match 4:1 the first 50 new members who join between the event and July 9th.

In other words, we'll put up $40 against your $10 if you sign up to be a new member of MLUI.
Note that this applies to new members.
The goal is to continue to build the member base for MLUI.

The other upcoming event is Food For Thought | Green Cuisine

Starting in 2006 as a relatively small event (about 200 people) Green Cuisine has turned into one of the most acclaimed "Foodie Fest's" of the year. Last year, over 1000 people showed up to enjoy locally made beer and wine- as well as gourmet cuisine from local restaurants and food artisans. The success of this "zero-waste" event is largely attributed to the fact that attendees also have an opportunity to meet the people who make it all happen; from winemakers and brew-masters - to chefs and restaurant owners.

As our own Evan Smith says :

"A vibrant and sustainable local food economy is important to our community and our overall well being. Green Cuisine reminds us and educates us with its annual celebration of our shared values. We are proud to be a part of this exciting event,"

And Rick Schmitt from Crystal Mountain echoes the sentiment: "Crystal Mountain is honored to sponsor such a dynamic and important event as Green Cuisine. The Grand Traverse Region is a better place because of the companies, individuals and participants associated with Green Cuisine, we are proud to be one!"

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