Friday, May 8, 2009

Food Safety

TV Coverage : MSU Horticultural Station workshop on GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)
CCF Staffers attended, and we intend to implement our own tracking from farm to client.

Safe farming practices : News : WPBN TV 7&4:

"In order to get certified many requirements have to be met. ' If growers don t have a food safety plan and they don t have a person that s in charge of it that s an automatic for disqualification. I think the other thing is restroom use hand washing facilities making sure that your growers are doing the things they say they re going to do to keep their hands clean ' Rothwell said.

' The importance of documentation. Many of the things we ve learned we all do but we haven t been writing them down. So we re going to encourage all of our farmers and growers to be sure that their documenting ' said Cherry Capital Foods Evan Smith."

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