Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Mailing


Champion Hill Farms will be supplying CCF with half gallon and gallon sized containers of honey. Need a larger size? Let CCF know a few days before you need it.

Half gallon - $20 & Gallons - $39 available on April 22th.

Champion Hill Farm

Greg Griswold - "beekeeper"

Beulah, Michigan

My name is Greg Griswold and I own a small beekeeping operation, Champion Hill Farm here in Beulah, Michigan. I have been a beekeeper for 25 years, and specialize in healthy bees.

I live by the saying:

"You take care of the bees and they take care of you."

I take care of them by using natural treatments to keep them mite free, these treatments are more time consuming and more costly but worth it to me and the bees in the long run. I take care of my bees by keeping small yards so I can monitor health issues and maintain the health of the hive with more individual attention to each hive.

The honey source is primarily Star Thistle which blooms profusely in northern Michigan in the months of July and August. The honey may have very small amounts of wild berry, sumac, and basswood, which may vary year to year, and makes its own annual vintage. The color is very light and the flavor is something special, which is sought by many honey packers across the nation.

Greg Griswold,

Champion Hill Farm

Beulah, Michigan

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